Wilfried Scharf


Zither soloist

Head of the ensemble Salzburger Saitenklang

Prof. for zither at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz/Austria

Artistic director of the festival





Weinberg Zithermusi


The special sound of the Kerschenstein zithers was the reason for the foundation of Weinberg Zithermusi.

The group appeared in several TV-Shows and are often invited to folk music events in Austria and Bavaria. 





Salzburger Saitenklang


String ensemble of a special kind


Wilfried Scharf/zither

Sabine Kraus/harp

Roswitha Steindl/guitar




Yu Jun



The chinese Zheng-Virtuosa studied at the Shanghai Conservatory and has appeared as a soloist at concerts, festivals and other events in Asia and Europe and was also invited for several TV-shows.


As a brilliant soloist, Yu Jun is working both with classical and avant-garde music. She was the pioneer to play jazz and improvisational music on her Chinese instrument, since her student time. 





Rudi Zapf & Andreas Seifinger



Rudi Zapf is the most famous Hackbrett player in Germany. Together with Andreas Seifinger at the guitar he opens a firework of world music with unbelievable sounds.

Rudi Zapf became well known by his performances at the bavarian TV and his countless concerts and tours together with other musicians in Germany and many other countries.




Zither - Manä



The famous bavarian musician entertains his audiance with blues and rock on the zither. He is well-known from his performances in the TV serie "Der Bayern-Kini".

He was awarded with the "Bavarian Poetentaler" .





Valerie McCleary


The irish singer has lived in Munich since 1984. There she started her musical career together with the guitar player Edi Schorer in different folk ensembles. Later she was lead and also background singer in bavarian bands.




Cornelia Mayer


Cornelia Mayer studied the bassoon and the zither. Her repertoire contains especially viennese zither music of the 19th century.


At the "Third Man Museum" in Vienna she regularly plays concerts with the highlights out of this famous movie. 




Kioomars Musayyebi


Musayyebi studied the Santur in Teheran. Since his arrival in Germany in 2011 he has played in several music groups like Sedaa, Transorient Orchestra etc. and has worked as a lecturer at the Centre for World Music at the University of Hildesheim.